Entertaining a Kensington Escort

Kensington is a wonderful place to go with an escort. Kensington is an area of central London and has many art collections collected by art galleries. There are also world-famous museums nearby, the Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V& is strictly just outside of Kensington. Kensington also has some lovely gardens to visit, some are quiet, peaceful, and are very contemplative. What better than sit admiring the collaborative beauty of a Kensington escort in a Kensington garden such as the Japanese garden, Kyoto Garden.

Touring the Gardens with a Kensington Escort

There are many gardens in Kensington, from the large Holland Park garden which contains the Japanese Kyoto garden. There are many other smaller green spaces in Kensington, some though are private gardens and you must be a key holder to enter them. Another large garden, though it is a cemetery, Brompton Cemetery. I know it sounds ghoulish to visit a cemetery with a young Kensington courtesan who is so full of life, but… It is really a good place to walk hand in hand. It is stunning, a peaceful place to stroll amongst the history. Dog walkers visit, visitors walk and relax on the benches. Kensington escorts are known to train and work out on the paths through this garden.
You will want to walk around the gardens with your Kensington escort, and then visit the café at the entrance where they serve a very good cup of coffee.

Visiting the museums with your Kensington Escort

In Kensington you are spoilt for choice when it comes to museums to visit with a Kensington Courtesan. You will need to choose, in a day there really is only time to visit one of the museums. Find out what interests your Kensington Escort. Is she interested in sciences, Natural history, or the arts? Once you know, then you can plan to visit one of the museums with the Kensington escort girl.
The Natural History Museum, which featured in the recent film Paddington is an excellent museum for Kensington escorts who have an interest in birds, animals, fish, and insects. Its storerooms, not open to the public, contain huge collections of individual species which can be analyzed. The collections are often the reference point for the species. In the future, they can be used to find changes that occur.
Next to the Natural History Museum is the Science museum. You can see the early history of the computer, from the first mechanical computer, the Babbage machine, to the modern smartphone. Every Kensington escort has a smartphone to take bookings and to block those extreme clients who break boundaries.

Dinning with a Kensington Escort

So far today we have had breakfast at the Brompton Cemetery, we ate   lunch at one of the museums. They all serve lunch, from snacks to full meals. The evening is now upon us, where do we go for a good evening meal. You want to impress your escort for the day. If you don’t know somewhere good to go to, then ask your Kensington Escort. She will have been entertained in all the good restaurants from the good through the indifferent and the bad restaurants in Kensington. Don’t be shy, ask her for a suggestion. A good Kensington Courtesan will know her restaurants and will be able to jump the queues and get you into a celebrity restaurant. I take advice from escorts. It was suggested I grab a table at a restaurant, I was shown a bad table where I sat. My Kensington escort arrived, and she immediately had the maître d’ over who allocated us a superior table. It’s all who you know.

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