Between Gay Male Escorts And Young Girls

Have you ever had a crush on a young girl with an hour glass figure who has the right curves in the right places? You know how watching her makes your heart beat and all and you begin to dream of all the things that both of you can do together – both the pleasant ones like spending time on the beaches of the Bahamas or the very naughty ones like spending a full day under the sheet playing and touching each other in the right places. If you are a vibrant man your penis should be erect at the thought of it alone.

If you have had all those experiences, you are not alone. I have been there. On fact, it was the lack of getting enough of such ladies that prompted me to join gay male escorts. Why gay male escorts when I could have joined the straight? You may ask but my choice of gay male escorts was deliberate after going doing a small research.

You see, the name gay male escorts scare a lot of big women but not young girls. If all things being equal, gay male escorts were supposed to be reserved for gay men who need to be escorted to one venue or the other. Well, life is messy and nothing is ever equal or works according to plan – not in many cases. From using male escort services and watching the trend closely, I discovered that inasmuch as the big ladies pay the big bucks, they prefer to go for straight or bisexual male escorts and not gay male escorts. That is tempting, right? They go for the other forms of escorts because to them, male escorting is more than following someone up and down from one place to another. The big ladies will never hire a male escort that will not give them a piece of the main action (I guess you know what I mean). That would not have been a problem for me at all. In fact, it was one of those things I have yearned for all my life. The only problem with that arrangement is that the big ladies only show up once in a long time; sometimes once in a month or once in two months. That is a bad business, right? Big ladies are usually very busy attending to one business or the other and would only remember that male escorts exists when they are less busy or attending big parties which conglomerate other big ladies.

On the contrary, sexy girls love to show off almost everything; their new earrings, phones, down to boyfriends. That makes them the perfect business. Young girls are also not always as enthusiastic towards sex like the big ladies which means that they can let gay male escorts works as escorts and nothing more – unlike the big women who always think that their money can buy them whatever it is they want and they may just be right.

The world statistics shows that females are using more gay male escorts than males using this service. Most of these young females have been through different relationship trauma and because they cannot resist the touch of a man, they stick with gay male escorts knowing that incident would rarely happen between them and that any form of attraction would be invalidated.

I don’t think I need a soothsayer to tell me that I have made a smart choice because I know I have. There have been cases where male escorts fell in love with their clients and that has led to the end of the career of many promising young men who would have had many more years of male escorting. We all know that men easily fall for women who cares for them or shows any sign of longing. When young girls hire gay male escorts, they don’t waste their time trying to woo them into any relationship because of the “gay” tag. What they do not know is that not every gay male escort is actually gay. Some straight guys have hidden under the umbrella of gay male escorts to save their career and all. Personally, I am not gay but I work successfully as gay male escort for young ladies.

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