The World Of Private Escort Services

The World Of Private Escort Services

Private escort services are quite popular in major sophisticated cities on the world and finding them should not be a problem. The escort business has grown exponentially over the last few years thanks to the internet and it is now professionally offered just like other services. Unlike parking girls, private escorts operate very discreetly to keep the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. Meetings are arranged to the convenience of the client in discrete apartments and private houses.

Finding a private escort

As aforementioned, it should not be a difficult process to find private escorts. They exist as professional individuals or as agency escorts that can be hired for discrete company. Most agencies and individual escorts own professionally designed websites where you can find profiles and descriptions of different escort girls. It is advisable to carefully review each site and make sure they are reputable before you consider them. Look for aspects such as business longevity, reputation, previous customer reviews, rates, payment methods, privacy and security among other things.

Once you have found a reliable escort agency, browse through existing profiles of companion girls. They are often presented in categories such as ethnicity (English, German, Spanish, Brazilian, American, Black, Chinese, Asian…). You can also find other categories according to height and body type.

Escort services

Escort girls provide various services that include;

    Companionship – they will stay to keep you company during your trip. They may engage in anything that makes you comfortable and happy.

    Event dates – you can hire private escorts to follow you around to official functions or grace your bachelor party as dates for your boys.

    Pleasure and fantasy – escort girls are mostly associated with pleasurable entertainment and sex. They are the perfect ones to help you explore some of your wildest fantasies.

It is important to note that different girls are comfortable with specific services. Not all escort girls will provide all services although some are comfortable with anything. The services are usually listed by the agency alongside the profile of the escort girl.

Payment methods

Most private escorts allow cash and credit card payments. Some will carry a credit machine around and payment is often upfront. Agencies may accept checks, but this is quite rare as checks can bounce and escorts don’t want to take that risk. Modern payment systems like PayPal and Bitcoin may also be acceptable by select escorts. You should check out the acceptable payment methods to be ready for the transaction. Escort services are charged per hour as they are expected to last a few days at most. Nonetheless, it depends on your arrangements; some individual escort girls will stay as long as needed provided they get paid upfront for their services.


Escorts are protected by various laws and also by their agencies and bureaus. They are required to be registered under the bureaus for protection and also go for regular medical examination to keep them safe from infections. Some individual escort girls operate on their own and have multiple social profiles and accounts through which they can be contacted for private meetings in discrete apartments. Such escorts charge higher rates that agency girls and are usually open for new experiences and explorations. If you need some more information, you can visit this site and see it all with your own eyes - real escorts pictures, their service and the prices of course.