Experience the journey from call girls to escort in London

You have been in the adult industry for quite a long time now and have made it through thick and thin. Pat your back for that and reward yourself a treat! Now that you have gained enough experience and knowledge working as a call girl, you want to grow and start a career as an escort in London. If you are confident and bold, with some alluring powers, you are going to shine and make a good living!

To help you become prosperous as one of the attractive and confident escorts, we have some proven tricks for you that would work wonders!

● Find a Reputable Agency

This is the first and most important step in your journey as a professional escort. Reach out to a reputed Elite Escort Agency in Central London and start advertising your services. If you have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition), make sure to mention that to increase your chances of getting noticed. Working for an agency comes with great advantages like safety and security, which you won’t probably have if you work as a call girl or even as an independent escort. Moreover, you will get a hygienic working environment and also get to learn a lot from experienced trainers and seniors.

● Set up an Online Portal

The best place to promote your services is through digital media. Make sure to create a professional profile of yourself with a unique and sexy name and start advertising your services. Mention the type of services you have to offer along with your personal information and genuine photos. Be true to yourself and avoid misleading your clients with fake promises.

● Click Professional Photos of Yourself

To add to your professionalism, you need to click some great photos of yourself, probably of your body. When in doubt, never hesitate to check out some of the marketing strategies and galleries of the top escorts in London. Hire an experienced photographer for the purpose as s/he would know how to get you the exact clicks for your profession! Also, always put up real photos and videos of yourself while marketing your services.

● Stay Safe!

Safety should be the utmost concern for yourself, especially during the coronavirus outbreak! Make sure you use proper precautionary measures, such as male or female condoms, to make sure you don’t transmit any STDs. Also, the best thing would be to get a complete health checkup 3-4 times per year to remain fit and healthy.

● Take Payments in Advance!

Even if you are not used to it, make it a habit! Deal with your client professionally in every way, be it your dress-up, your conversational style, your mannerisms, or while receiving payments. You are going to work hard and to ensure that you give in your best, ask for the payment before the action begins. Because there are clients who simply refuse to pay after the job is done!

● Be Patient and Bold!

Patience is the ultimate key to success and is true for any profession. Success doesn’t come overnight; you need to put in all your efforts to stand out in the crowd. Be courageous and confident about yourself. Even if it’s your first time, do let not your nervousness show through.

Good luck on your journey from one of the unrecognized London escort girls to a famous and professional escort! We know you are going to win the hearts of the discerning gentlemen of your town!

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